CODIR: novel robotic hydrocolonoscopy
The CVIP group is responsible for the imaging tasks in a €3m project, CODIR, awarded by the European Research Foundation to a consortium formed by the Universities of Dundee and Leeds, directed by Prof Sir Alfred Cuschieri (Dundee) and Prof Anne Neville (Leeds). CODIR is a multidisciplinary project straddling biomedical and engineering research. The vision is the development of a novel robot system inspecting the internal mucosal surface in a colon irrigated with a suitable liquid solution, instead of traditional air insufflation, to reduce patient discomfort. This vision can enable a breakthrough in patient-compliant, complete endoscopic examination of the colon for the study of life-threatening disorders of the colon commonly categorized as inflmmatory bowel disease. Image processing tasks tackled by CVIP include video acquisition, image enhancement for visual inspection, and lesion detection and classification.