CARMEN: cardiovascular biomarkers from wide-field-of-view retinal scans
CARMEN is a project in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh and Moorfields Eye Hospital (London, UK) with the support of Optos plc, a company leading the market in non-mydriatic scanning laser ophthalmoscope (SLO) devices. The aim of the study is to investigate retinal biomarkers that could indicate the risk of cardiovascular disease. In order to do that, more than 1000 volunteers participating in the SCOT-HEART (Scottish Computed Tomography of the Heart) trial and in the TASCFORCE (TAyside Screening FOr Risk of Cardiac Events) screening program have been recruited. We are now developing a software suite able to accurately segment the vasculature in ultra-wide retinal images, to give a reliable estimate of the blood vessel widths, to classify the vessels as arterioles and venules and to automatically measure biomarkers.

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