The CVIP group wish you all a Happy Christmas!

The Computer Vision and Image Processing (CVIP) group carries out research on biomedical image analysis, computer vision, and applied machine learning. We have forged a portfolio of interdisciplinary collaborations to bring advanced image analysis technologies into a range of medical, healthcare and life sciences applications. Our computer vision research on understanding of human activities has a range of applications that includes situated support systems, rehabilitation, and security. CVIP teams have won several international challenge contests:

WMH Segmentation Challenge at MICCAI 2017

A team from CVIP placed first in this Grand Challenge held at MICCAI 2017 in Quebec. The challenge compared methods for automatic segmentation of White Matter Hyperintensities (WMH) of presumed vascular origin in brain MR images.

Endoscopic Vision Challenge at MICCAI 2015

Software submitted by CVIP achieved first place in contests on early Barrett’s cancer detection (Barrett’s Cancer Detection Award) and on detection of abnormalities in gastroscopic images (Polyp Localization Award) at the MICCAI 2015 Endoscopic Vision Challenge held in Munich.

I3A Contest at ICPR 2014

Software from CVIP achieved first place in both of the tasks (cell classification and specimen classification) in the Contest on Performance Evaluation of Indirect Immunofluorescence Image Analysis Systems (I3A), held at ICPR 2014 in Stockholm. You can read about the winning methods in our Pattern Recognition paper.

Medical Image Analysis Paper
Medical Image Analysis has accepted Roberto Annunziata et al.'s paper "A Fully Automated Tortuosity Quantification System with Application to Corneal Nerve Fibres in Confocal Microscopy Images". Click here for details.
Sophia Bano accepted for ICVSS
Welcome to Dr Sophia Bano who has joined the ACE-LP project and congratulations to her on her acceptance to the International Computer Vision Summer School!
FIVE Papers accepted for ISBI 2016
We got 5 papers accepted for ISBI this year!
3 New PhDs
Congratulations to Shazia Akbar, Wenqi Li and Siyamalan Manivannan who have recently successfully defended their PhD theses!
Pattern Recognition Journal Paper
Congratulations to Manivannan et al. for the paper titled "An automated pattern recognition system for classifying indirect immunofluorescence images of HEp-2 cells and specimens" which was accepted for the Pattern Recognition journal. Read the paper here.
Medical Image Analysis Journal Paper
Congratulations to Li et al. for the paper titled "Discriminating dysplasia: optical tomographic texture analysis of colorectal polyps" which was accepted for the Medical Image Analysis journal. Click here for details.
3 Papers accepted for MICCAI 2015
Congratulations to Li et al. and Annunziata et al. for getting a total of three papers accepted into MICCAI this year! We look forward to hearing about your success at the conference in October in Munich, Germany.
Biomedical Optics Express Paper
Congratulation to Pellegrini et al. for their paper titled "Blood vessel segmentation and width estimation in ultra-wide field scanning laser ophthalmoscopy" which was accepted for the Biomedical Optics Express journal. Click here for details.
International media coverage
Prof Emanuele Trucco received significant media attention from radio, newspapers and tv to talk about an exciting upcoming EPSRC project on retinal biomarkers for dementia. Click here for more details. For a full list of the press coverage, visit this page
New PhD: Sebastian Stein
Congratulations to Sebastian who has successfully defended his PhD thesis "Multimodal Recognition of Manipulation Activities through Visual Accelerometer Tracking, Relational Histograms, and User-Adaptation".
CVIP wins International Pattern Recognition Competition
A CVIP team has won the Performance Evaluation of Indirect Immunofluorescence Image Analysis Systems contest held at ICPR in Stockholm. Entered by teams from around the world, the contest consisted of two tasks, cell-level recognition and specimen-level recognition. CVIP won both. Full story is here.
Best Cancer-Related Paper Award
The paper "Analysing the Surface Morphology of Colorectal Polyps: Differential Geometry and Pit Pattern Prediction” by Jingjing Zhang, Jianguo Zhang, Maria Coats, Frank Carey and Stephen McKenna won best cancer-related paper at MIUA 2014. The prize was sponsored by the British Association for Cancer Research. Read CVIP's four MIUA papers here and more on this story here
Congratulations to VAMPIRE
The VAMPIRE team won two prizes at the SINAPSE annual scientific meeting held today at the Royal Society of Edinburgh. The poster "Automatic generation of synthetic retinal fundus images" won the Best Poster Award and "VAMPIRE: Vasculature Assessment and Measurement Platform for Images of the REtina" won the Closest to Market poster award.
MICCAI 2014 Success
Congratulations to Siyamalan Manivannan, Roy Wang and Manuel Trucco who have a paper titled "Inter-cluster features for medical image classification" accepted for presentation at MICCAI 2014.
VAMPIRE image from OPTOS scanner, part of the VAMPIRE 'CARMEN' project (OPTOS plc, Univ of Edinburgh, Univ of Dundee) wins competition of the British Journal of Radiology for cover image
MISS Summer School Acceptance
Congratulations to Roberto Annunziata who has been accepted in the Medical Image Analysis Summer School 2014 . Roberto will be given the opportunity to directly interact with world leaders in medical image computing and computer vision.
International Journal of Computer Vision
The February 2014 issue of this leading journal was edited by McKenna, Hoey and Trucco. It brings together eight articles on a range of topics in computer vision under the title “Objects, Actions, Places. Read all about it here.
New CVIP PhD Students
Welcome to Tianjun Huang and Haocheng Shen both of whom have joined CVIP as full-time PhD students. Tianjun holds a SICSA Prize Studentship and will be working on activity recognition. Haocheng’s research is on machine learning for biomedical image analysis.
Image designed for cover of British Journal of Radiology

A VAMPIRE image, edited by Gavin Robertson in Edinburgh (CARMEN project), will appear on a cover of the British Journal of Radiology.
Success story for Dundee team at UIST
The Dundee team, including Sebastian Stein and Kris Zutis, won second prize at the UIST event this year. UIST aims to innovate new interactions on state-of-the-art hardware and this year was about using the PumpSpark Fountain Development Kit. Watch a demo video of the Dundee team's entry in action.
ICCV 2013 Acceptance
Congratulation to Ruixuan Wang who has a paper titled "Single-patch low-rank prior for non-pointwise impulse noise removal" accepted for ICCV this year.
2 invited VAMPIRE talks at the 1st International Research Summit on Ultra-Widefield Retinal Imaging & Measurement.
The one-day meeting took place at the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 31/7/2013, and brought together about 30 clinicians, readers and image processing experts from Europe and the US to discuss the use of OPTOmaps in ophthalmology, screening and computer-assisted methods. Tom MacGillivray and Kris Zutis held the VAMIRE flag with 2 of the 16 talks.
MICCAI 2013 Success
The CVIP paper on "Learning from Partially Annotated OPT Images by Contextual Relevance Ranking" by Wenqi Li et al. has been accepted for the International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI), Nagoya, Japan, September 2013.
UbiComp 2013 Success
The CVIP paper on "Combining Embedded Accelerometers with Computer Vision for Recognizing Food Preparation Activities" by Sebastian Stein and Stephen J. McKenna has been accepted for the ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp), Zurich, Switzerland, September 2013. Read the paper here.
Sebastian Stein: Heidelberg Laureate Forum
Sebastian Stein is one of 200 young mathematicians and computer scientists to have been selected for the prestigious Heidelberg Laureate Forum. Sebastian will be attending a week of lectures, master classes and socialising with winners of the Abel Prize, Fields Medal and ACM Turing Award.
EMBC 2013 Success
Two CVIP papers have been accepted for the International Conference on Engineering in Medicine and Biology (EMBC) which will be taking place in Osaka in July 2013. Read the papers here.
ISBI 2013 Success
Three CVIP papers have been accepted for the International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI 2013). Read the papers here.
Best Student Paper Award
Sebastian and Stephen won the British Telecom Best Student Paper Award for their short paper "Towards recognizing food preparation activities in situational support systems" at the 3rd Annual Digital Economy All Hands Conference. Read the paper.
Microscopy Image Analysis for Biomedical Applications
Special Issue of Machine Vision and Applications, July 2012. Read it on SpringerLink
Conference on Medical Image Understanding and Analysis
Shazia presented the paper "Tumour segmentation in breast tissue microarray images using spin-context" at the 16th Conference on Medical Image Understanding and Analysis (MIUA'12), Swansea, UK, 9-11 July, 2012. Read the full paper
New CVIP group member
Enrico Pellegrini joined the CVIP group as a PhD student to work on retinal image analysis in the context of the VAMPIRE project. Welcome Enrico!
BMVA/EPSRC Computer Vision Summer School 2012
Shazia and Siyamalan attended the BMVA/EPSRC Computer Vision Summer School. Visit the Summer School website.
Conference on Computer and Robot Vision 2012
Sebastian presented the paper "Accelerometer Localization in the View of a Stationary Camera" at the 9th Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV'12), Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 27-30 May, 2012. Read the pre-print here.
London Hopper Colloquium 2012
Shazia Akbar, member of the Computer Vision and Image Processing group (CVIP) in the School of Computing, has been awarded the runner-up prize by IBM for a poster presentation at the London Hopper Colloquium 2012. London Hopper is an annual networking opportunity for postgraduate and PhD researchers to present their work to a wide audience in computing and electrical engineering.
Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship Finalist
Congratulations to CVIP member Shazia Akbar, who has been selected as a finalist for the Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. You can find a full list of the finalists here. In June, Shazia will be attending the Scholars' Retreat 2012 in the Google Engineering Office in Zurich, Switzerland.
Cafe Science
Mr Adrià Perez-Rovira, a member of our CVIP group, gave a public talk on "Computer Vision - Seeing the World Through Machines' Eyes", Wed 12th October 6pm at Cafe Science Dundee. Read The Courier's coverage here.
CODIR Project
Dr Roy Wang and Mr Mannivannan Siyamalan both started on October 15th, as a RA and a PhD student, respectively. Congratulations, Roy, to another project in our group and welcome Siyamalan!